Retailers lose an estimated $1.4 Trillion in sales each year due to flat pricing.


WishYourPrice allows you to capture real time willingness to pay of each shopper to offer personalized prices and offers in real time.

Did you know?

Retailers & Merchants often get the pricing wrong

  • 52% of weekly or monthly promotions

    go to shoppers who would have paid a higher price. With WishYourPrice, reduce your dependency on flat discounting.

  • 31% of shoppers claim

    they would wait as long as it takes for the right price. Why make your shoppers wait and delay their purchase?

  • One in three shoppers abandon the cart due to price

    Shoppers don't have a way to tell you how much they are willing to pay for a product and abandon your website entirely just for a few dollars. Retailers and Merchants lose out on potential revenue either through flat discounting or through incorrect promotion & pricing.  

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Our Technology

With propriertary machine learning platform, WishYourPrice enables retailers to offer accurate personalized prices in real time to each shopper


    No hypothetical models or assumptions. Our technology helps you get instant access to willingness-to-pay data directly from each individual shopper.


    With the help of our technology, cut down inventory costs by understanding the demand and value that shoppers place on your merchandise.


    Improve your re-target campaigns by understanding window shoppers and serious shoppers. Our technology helps in significantly reducing your Customer Acquisition Costs.

See ROI from day 1

  • 28-32% more Conversion

    Personalized prices and promotions  convert more shoppers to happy customers.

  • 12-18% increase in Profit

    Increase your AOV and volume with active engagement.

  • More bang for your Marketing 

    Reduce your marketing spillage by re-targeting right shopper with relevant promotions.

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  • Personalize the shopping experience

    With a quick two-click integration and a dedicated support team by your side, it is easy to personalize your promotions and the whole shopping experience. 

Leverage real time demand and price data to Drive Sales

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  • Smart trigger emails

    No more 'generic' promotional email blasts. Our machine-learning based technology understands shoppers’ behavior & triggers personalized emails to convert them into paying customers.

  • Exit Detection

    Before your shopper decides to exit, our technology intelligently nudges them to decide the price on their next purchase engaging them back with your product.

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  • Personalized coupons

    Sadly, more than half of weekly promotions go to shoppers who would have happily paid a higher price. Our personalized coupon service would ensure each shopper receives the right promotional offer, thereby increasing your profits.

  • Demand Maximization

    One flat price fails to capture both price-sensitive and price-insensitive shoppers. Our technology captures the entire demand curve helping you to gain greater market share.

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