Solutions to help you understand & engage your shoppers through out their shopping journey 

See ROI from day 1

  • 28-32% more Conversion

    Personalized prices and promotions  convert more shoppers to happy customers.

  • 12-18% increase in Profit

    Increase your AOV and volume with active engagement.

  • More bang for your Marketing 

    Reduce your marketing spillage by re-targeting right shopper with relevant promotions.

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  • Smart trigger emails

    No more 'generic' promotional email blasts. Our machine-learning based technology understands shoppers’ behavior & triggers personalized emails to convert them into paying customers.

  • Exit Detection

    Before your shopper decides to exit, our technology intelligently nudges them to decide the price on their next purchase engaging them back with your product.

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  • Personalized coupons

    Sadly, more than half of weekly promotions go to shoppers who would have happily paid a higher price. Our personalized coupon service would ensure each shopper receives the right promotional offer, thereby increasing your profits.

  • Demand Maximization

    One flat price fails to capture both price-sensitive and price-insensitive shoppers. Our technology captures the entire demand curve helping you to gain greater market share.

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